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flat flex festoon cable

Festoon cables are flat, portable cords often used cranes, hoists, festoon systems, and other suspension applications. They are typically made with PVC or neoprene jacketing and insulation. They are ideal for use in applications where flexibility is important. Flat festoon cables are often found in construction or industrial applications that require temporary power and need a durable cable to hold a large weight.

Because of its flat construction, festoon cables are mostly chosen in applications where there is constant flexing since the cable will not coil. Flex cables don’t always come in the flat shape that festoon cables have, but are always used in flexing applications that require constant movement and UL/CSA approvals.

Our Custom Festoon Cable Solution

An Allied Wire and Cable customer that specialized in aircraft parts needed a flexible cable to be used in an airport bridge. Airport bridges are portable connectors that directly attach terminal gates to planes so that passengers do not have to go outside to get on their flights. Since these connectors were constantly being moved and reshaped, cable flexibility was one of the customer’s main concerns.

This custom, flat festoon cable was designed with four conductors made of flexible, soft-drawn, bare-copper conductors. Class K stranding was chosen for the conductors since Class K conductors feature high wire strand counts, allowing even more flexibility.

Three 4/0 conductors were combined with one 2 AWG conductor under a single jacket made from neoprene. Keeping the customer’s flexibility concerns in mind, our custom cable experts decided on a neoprene jacket since it is more flexible than PVC jacketing. Combining the different conductors under a single jacket to make a composite cable helped the customer optimize space in their application. This cable also met CSA specifications.

If you need a composite cable because of space concerns in your next application or have special requirements as this customer did, visit our Custom Cable Design Center!