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Types of SO Portable Cord

Types of SO Cord

There are many different types of portable cord. Portable cords are used for a wide variety of portable power supply applications, including commercial, industrial, indoor, outdoor, and residential applications. These portable power cables are extremely flexible and exhibit good tensile strength, elongation, and aging characteristics. But how do you know which type is best for you? Let's take a look at some popular portable cords and explain their differences.

SO Cord

SO cord is the most basic type of portable cord. It is a power cord with an oil-resistant thermoset rubber jacket. It has a voltage rating of 600V and a maximum temperature of 90°C. These cords are typically used in electrical power connections, industrial machinery, enormous appliances, heavy-duty tools, motors, and temporary electrical power and lighting. SO cord is also available as an SJO junior service cord.

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SOOW cord is an extremely durable portable cord. This cord features an oil-resistant outer jacket and insulation. It is also ozone, weather, and water-resistant. This type of cord is also rated at 600V with a maximum temperature of 90°C. SOOW cord is ideal for heavy-duty service for industrial tools, portable lights, battery chargers, and motor leads. SJOOW cord is the junior service version of this cable.

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SEOOW cord is a portable cord ideal for use in colder temperatures. SEOOW cord features a thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket instead of thermoset rubber. This type of material is best for medium-duty applications but remains more flexible in cold environments. SEOOW cord also features insulation and jacketing that is oil-resistant. It is also rated at 600V but has a higher maximum temperature of 105ºC. It is commonly used in large appliances, tools, motors, mining applications, and temporary electrical power or lighting applications for construction sites. SJEOOW is the junior service version of this cord.

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What is a Junior Service Cord?

Junior Service cords are portable cords that only have a voltage rating of 300V. These power cables often share the same characteristics as their hard-duty service counterparts. However, the SJOOW cord has superseded all other junior service cord types. Any SJ, SJO, and SJOW cords will be quoted as SJOOW cable on orders and RFQs.

Other Types of Portable Cord

There are many other types of portable cord, including STO, STOW, SVT, and SJT. All of these cables feature a Thermoplastic jacket, which is a light-duty material. You can learn more about what the various letters in portable cords mean here. Allied Wire and Cable carries a wide variety of power cables and portable cords. Many of our portable cords are UL and CSA approved. You can view our full catalog here.