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Custom Nuclear Cable

Nuclear-grade cable needs to be high-quality, have high reliability, and able to withstand demanding environments. These cables are used as power cables or control cables and are often exposed to radiation. They are used in many nuclear power plant applications including switchboard wiring, distribution and panel boards, control panels, and other applications that have a maximum voltage of 600V.

There are often strict standards and specifications to ensure safety and efficiency for nuclear cables. Many nuclear industry applications require these power or control cables to be able to shut down automatically if a failure in the circuit is detected. This stops operations of the equipment without releasing any harmful radioactive material into the environment.

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Our Custom Nuclear Cable Solution

One Allied Wire and Cable customer in the nuclear power industry was looking to upgrade a wire they had previously purchased. The cable's flexibility was essential to their application and the customer was especially concerned with tear resistance. Because of this, they decided stock cable wasn’t what they needed. With the help of their assigned sales representative, the customer decided to design a custom power cable that would meet all of their needs.

This custom power cable featured six tinned copper conductors at its core. Each conductor was 28 AWG and had color-coded Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) insulation. PFA insulation offers great mechanical strength at high temperatures and low-temperature toughness, both of which are important for nuclear applications. A 28 AWG tinned copper drain wire sat parallel under the shield, which was made of tinned copper and offered 90% minimum coverage. This power cable also featured a jacket made of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is known for its high tear and radiation resistance, making it a great fit for this custom cable.

Thanks to Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable design expertise, this customer knew their custom nuclear cable would be flexible and durable, ensuring its longevity. Allied Wire and Cable is a proud supplier and manufacturer of custom nuclear, control, and power cables. If you are looking to upgrade a cable you're currently using, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or contact us today!