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What is DLO Cable?

DLO Cable is Diesel Locomotive Operations Cable. It is designed for use in applications regarding diesel-electric locomotives. This type of cable is a rugged portable power cable that is often abrasion, impact, fluid, and sunlight resistant.

What is DLO Cable made of?

At its core, this type of cable features a finely stranded tinned copper conductor. It also features thermoset insulation, usually EPR or EPDM, and a CPE jacket. These cables also often feature a separator between the insulation and jacket for easier stripping. The tinned copper increases the cable's abrasion resistance.

What is DLO Cable used for?

While DLO cable was originally meant for transmitting power in engines for diesel-electric locomotives, it is now widely used in many industries. Common applications for DLO Cable include oil and gas drilling rigs, shipyards, railroad and transit car wiring, storage batteries, motor leads, arc welder supply leads, and other mining machinery.

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Can DLO Cable be used in conduit?

DLO cable may be installed in conduit, trays, and ducts. It is also suitable for use in wet or dry locations.

Does Allied Wire and Cable offer UL-Approved DLO Cable?

Yes! Our Diesel Locomotive Cable is UL, CSA, and MSHA listed. It meets UL Style 44 RHH/RHW and CSA RW90 standards. MSHA approval means that our DLO cable is flame-retardant and suitable for use in mining operations. You can learn more about RHH/RHW ratings here. Additionally, our Diesel Locomotive Cable is also suitable for use in wind turbine applications that do not exceed 2000V per Subject 6140 from Underwriter Laboratories.

What DLO Cable sizes are available from Allied Wire and Cable?

Allied Wire and Cable carries DLO Cable in 14 AWG to 1111KCMIL.