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pleneum wire

What is Plenum Wire and Plenum Cable?

Plenum wire and cable are products that are made to be installed in the plenum spaces of a building. Typically, this is the area used to store a building's communication cables, both for computer and telephone networks, and HVAC systems.

What is Plenum Space?

In building construction, the plenum space is the area that is used for air circulation of heating and air conditioning systems, usually located between the structural and suspended ceiling or under a raised floor. Plenum space provides pathways for heated, conditioned, or returned airflows which give it a higher atmospheric pressure.

Why is Plenum Cable and Wire used?

Plenum products are coated with a flame-retardant material, usually PTFE Non-Stick Resin, so they will not emit toxic fumes or smoke in the event of a fire. In some areas of the world, plenum wire is required by law. Because of these requirements, plenum wire and plenum cable tend to be more expensive than non-plenum wire and cable. Plenum wire is also stiff and more difficult to work with than non-plenum products.

Which cables are made in a Plenum Version?

Both twisted-pair and coaxial cables are made in plenum versions. Most plenum cable and plenum wire products are covered with PTFE or PVC.