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nuclear sis cable

What makes SIS Wire rated for use in Nuclear applications?

When it comes to critical applications like those in nuclear power plants, a high-quality cable that can withstand its demanding environment is necessary. There is little room for error, so strict standards are set to keep safety and efficiency the main priorities. Cables used in nuclear applications must meet the IEEE 323-1974 and 383-1974 Class 1E nuclear cable ratings.

When circuit shutdown is critical in nuclear power plant applications, the Class 1E safety rating is required, in accordance with IEEE 323-1974 and IEEE 383-1974 standards. This signifies that the cable can shut down automatically if a failure in the circuit is detected, stopping operations of the equipment without releasing any harmful radioactive material into the environment.

Where is Nuclear Rated SIS cable used?

Nuclear-rated SIS cable can be used for a multitude of applications. At its roots, standard SIS cable, otherwise known as switchboard cable, is simple but extremely versatile. It is used in switchboard wiring, distribution and panel boards, control panels, and many other applications up to 600 volts.

Nuclear power plants can also house Non-Safety Rated Application cable. Non-safety-related applications still require a nuclear-rated wire, but because they are not part of a critical circuit shutdown application, they do not require Class1E safety-rated cable. Learn more about Class 1E Nuclear SIS Cable and its uses by checking out Allied Wire’s large selection of standard SIS cable and nuclear SIS wire and cable.