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robotic cable

What is Robotic Cable?

The Robotic Cable is specially designed to withstand mechanical stress. They have to be durable and flexible enough to withstand multiple bending cycles and torsional, or twisting, stress. Many applications that use robotics cables have various extra requirements like extreme temperature ranges, oil resistance, and chemical resistance.

What are the types of Robotic Cable?

There are two main types of Robotic Cable. The first type of Robotic Cable is continually flexed in one axis (back and forth). The second type of Robotic Cable rotates around its central axis.

Torsion cable is most commonly used in the robotics industry. There are three types of torsion cables: torsional data cables, torsional control cables, and hybrid torsional cables. Hybrid torsional cables are especially useful in applications that require continuous twisting and bending. Torsion cable can be used in both wet and dry conditions, as well as low temperatures.

What materials are the conductors in Robotic Cable made from?

The conductors in Robotic Cable are made of copper. However, they are made of finely drawn strands rather than coarse strands found in an ordinary wire.

What is the most common jacketing material used in Robotic Cable?

PVC is the most common jacketing material in Robotic Cable, but it is not suitable where industrial oils are present. Halogen-Free Robotic Cable is also popular and has jacketing made from polyurethane (PUR).

What Torsion and Robotic Cables does Allied Wire and Cable carry?

We carry multiple types of torsion cables:

  • Halogen-Free Robot Cable/Track Cable
  • Halogen-Free Spiral Shielded Robot Cable/Track Cable
  • Torsion Cable For Moderate Torsional Stress
  • Spiral Shielded Torsion Cable
  • Data Twisting and Torsional Connection Cable 

What industries use Robotic Cables?

Aside from the robotics industry, Robotic Cable can be found in manufacturing, industrial, and automated equipment applications. Robotic Cables are also commonly used in cable tracks.