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M81044 Wire

What is M81044?

M81044 is a mil-spec lead wire that is most commonly used in military applications. This lead wire is specifically used in the airframe, avionics, military vehicle, shipboard, and missile applications.

M81044 wire is used mostly in military applications since it is able to work well in severe conditions. It has a high-temperature range and has resistance to abrasion and common chemicals. In addition, these wires also have excellent resistance to cut through, cold flow, and shrink back. They also strip and stripe easily. M81044 lead wire is also flame-retardant and self-extinguishing.

M81044 wire features three options for conductor material— tin-coated copper, silver-coated copper, or nickel-coated copper. It has Cross-Linked Polyalkene insulation and Cross-Linked Polyvinylidene Fluoride jacketing, which creates a light or medium weight advantage.

See the table below for specifications on the 9 most common M81044 sub-products. All of these slants are rated to 600V and have a 150°C conductor temperature.

Part Number AWG Conductor
MIL-W-81044/5 24-1/0 Silver Coated
MIL-W-81044/6 24-1/0 Tin Coated
MIL-W-81044/7 26-20 Silver Coated Copper Alloy
MIL-W-81044/8 24-1/0 Silver Coated
MIL-W-81044/9 24-1/0 Tin Coated
MIL-W-81044/10 26-20 Silver Coated Copper Alloy
MIL-W-81044/11 26-12 Silver Coated
MIL-W-81044/12 30-12 Tin Coated
MIL-W-81044/13 26-20 Silver Coated Copper Alloy

Mil-Spec wire and cable are easily identified by the components in its part number. Looking at this detailed information about what is inside the cable and allow you to pick the correct part for your specific application. Below is an example of the different sections of MIL-W-81044/9-24-0

  • MIL-W: These letters are needed to show the part complies with the military specification.
  • 81044: Part number
  • /9: This represents the cable’s spec sheet number which can tell you specifics such as conductor, voltage, temperature, etc.
  • -24: This indicates that the conductor is sized 24 AWG
  • -0: This indicates that the insulation color is black

With this information, we can now break down MIL-W-81044/9-24-0. MIL-W-81044/9: Mil-Spec leads part number. The /9 explains that this cable has a tin-coated copper conductor, XL Polyalkene insulation, and an XL PVDF jacket. It is rated to 600V and has a maximum temperature rating of 150°C.

Below is a table that shows the different specs and options of MIL-W-81044/9:

Part Number AWG Size Conductor Stranding Approx LBS/MFT Nom Dia. of Cond.
M81044/9-24 24 19/36 2.7 0.026
M81044/9-22 22 19/34 3.9 0.033
M81044/9-20 20 19/32 5.5 0.041
M81044/9-18 18 19/30 8.0 0.041
M81044/9-16 16 19/23 10.1 0.058
M81044/9-14 14 19/32 15.5 0.073
M81044/9-12 12 37/28 23.0 0.090
M81044/9-10 10 37/26 35.7 0.114
M81044/9-8 8 133/29 62.8 0.173
M81044/9-6 6 133/27 99.3 0.217
M81044/9-4 4 133/25 153.0 0.274
M81044/9-2 2 655/30 247.0 0.340
M81044/9-0 1/0 1045/30 377.0 0.425

M81044 wire is able to be customized with our value-added services of printing, striping, cutting, and twisting to meet your company’s unique needs. It is also important to note that while there are many slants in regards to M81044, the ones listed in the table above are the most common.

Though this lead wire is most often referred to as M81044 wire, referencing the MIL-W-81044 specification, this spec is now also governed by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and is officially known as AS81044.

For more information visit our page dedicated to M27500 wire. Now that you have an understanding of the breakdown and parts of MIL-W-81044, visit our site for more information on M81044 wire, contact a sales representative, or submit an RFQ online.