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custom composite trace cable

Heat trace cables, also referred to as heating cable or heat tape, are used to maintain or raise the temperature of a pipe or other vessel. When an application uses a heat trace cable, any lost heat is replaced, which maintains the desired temperature for the application. These cables are vital for applications that work in low temperatures and have a high freeze-risk.

As well as providing heat protection, trace cables can help with viscosity control, temperature process maintenance, roof and gutter maintenance, and much more. Heat trace cable is mainly used in industrial applications but can be used in commercial applications like underfloor and gutter heating.

Our Custom Trace Cable Solution

One battery testing equipment company couldn’t find a suitable cable for their new application, so they asked Allied Wire and Cable for help. This composite trace cable would fit into a battery test unit. With the help of one of our custom cable experts, they were able to design the perfect solution.

This custom composite cable was made of two pairs of different size gauges. One pair was 18 AWG and the other was 12 AWG. Both of these pairs had a stranded copper conductor and a PVC jacket. The customer wanted the jackets made of unique colors for easier identification, so they were dyed dark green and dark purple.

This customer was thoroughly impressed by the design process and how quickly they were able to receive their custom cable. Impressive customer service and lead times made this company into a loyal customer. If you need help designing a custom composite table and are under a time crunch, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-828-9473 and speak to a custom cable expert today!