QPL Warning for M23053

QPL Warning for M23053


In the beginning of 2020, there were some big changes that took place for the heat-shrinkable tubing industry. The existing SAE-AMS-DTL-23053 Mil-Spec grade tubing is now listed in full effect per AS-23053 as a controlled, documented product per the Qualified Product List (QPL). This means that the M23053 specification is now AS23053, and in the AS23053 the call out of the material is still M23053 to have continuity between the two specifications.

This updated specification went into effect on January 1, 2020. All QPL items, including AS23053, must go through a 3-year review and retention of qualification cycle in which all QPL, or Qualified Producers List, items meet the strict requirements to perform in rigorous and critical applications. All QPL items are administered and maintained through U.S. Government agencies.

In order to meet the December 31, 2019 deadline of gaining this approval, many American Tubing Manufacturers are scrambling to get their paperwork completed on time. Unlike many of our competitors, Allied is among the few companies that have already completed the process of getting this approval and we have a full stock of QPL Approved M23053 items. This will reduce the global MFG sources from over 50 down to only a handful.

Products Qualified Under SAE Standard

With this new standard, there is no more shelf life, it is now dimensional life. This means that if the product performs as it should and meets the parameters of the specification, it can be used by the end customer until it can no longer perform.

In terms of spec sheets for these products, all slant sheets have either already been or will be amended in the near future to read that there is a minimum of Dimensional Life. Meeting the minimum, the manufacturer can certify their material for up to 12 years. This 12-year maximum is allowed by the specification for Manufacturers or distributors to sell the product as AS23503.

It has been an industry standard for M23053/5 to have a 5-year shelf life dictated by the manufacturer. Now it is being seen that that Manufacturer is putting a 12-year dimensional life date on the material. Manufacturers are afforded the ability to pick a different time frame for their materials based on data that they have retained on how long their product will be able to perform as expected. 

Mil-Spec M23503 heat-shrink tubing increases the durability of wire and protects it from outside elements, and a QPL listing will ensure only the best quality for your applications. Although this only applies to M23053 Mil-Spec tubing, be sure to check out Allied’s large selection of heat-shrink tubing to find the ideal product for your application.

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