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harmonized cables

There are plenty of confusing terms in the wire and cable industry. With all the abbreviations and complicated verbiage (aromatic cable, does it smell good?), even seasoned veterans in the industry might not know what every single term means. Flip through any wire and cable catalog and you're sure to come across a cable that has been given the title "Harmonized."

What Does Harmonized Mean?

The short answer is that harmonized cables carry the HAR mark, a voluntary European mark that has a scope outside the European market.

In general, harmonization is the process of merging two or more different things together. Therefore, a harmonized standard is a compromised standard that encompasses the needs of each separate standard in one.

What Makes a Wire or Cable Harmonized?

There are plenty of standards organizations in the wire and cable industry that make sure companies follow rules in the manufacturing of their products. However, different standards organizations exist in different parts of the world, so cables manufactured and meant for use in North America can't necessarily be used in Europe and vice versa.

Cables carrying the HAR mark can be used anywhere in participating areas of Europe, and participating areas outside of Europe, such as in North America. This means you can reach a broader scope of customers with one product.

There is one thing to keep in mind, however: color code. The Standard Color Code and European Color Code are different for certain cables. Always make sure to check which color code is being used when dealing with any type of cable.

Have any illusive terms you need to be defined? Not quite grasping something to do with wire and cable? Leave us a comment and we'll do our best to nail one down for you!