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magnet wire

What is Magnet Wire?

Magnet wire is an insulated electrical conductor that, when wound into a coil and energized, generates a functional electrical field. Most often, magnet wire is constructed of an aluminum or copper conductor with a thin insulation covering. This thin insulation helps prevent short-circuiting. The insulation material of the magnet wire varies depending on the application and its environment. Magnet wire is also known as winding wire because of its shape.

What applications use Magnet Wire?

Magnet wire is both a functional and versatile product that may be used in several applications. Magnet wire is primarily used in the construction of motors, transformers, speakers, inductors, lifting magnets, solenoids, coils and relays, and electromagnets.

Which industries commonly use Magnet Wire?

Electronics industries are the largest buyers of magnet wire. The automotive, ballast, motor, transformer, and generator industries are the main users of magnet wire.

Can I order specialty Magnet Wire?

At Allied Wire and Cable, we offer a wide variety of value-added services that can be applied to magnet wire. If your next application requires specialized magnet wire, we can also help you design a custom made magnet wire to meet your needs!

Does Allied Wire and Cable carry any MIL-Spec Magnet Wire?

Yes, we carry the M17/34-RG65 Coaxial Cable. This cable features a helix conductor with PE dielectric, a PVC jacket, and an overall bare copper braid shield. It is 33 AWG and is rated at 1500V.

The rest of our magnet wire is manufactured by Belden. We carry the Belden Class 200 magnet wire as well as the Belden Single Belsdol Solderable Magnet Wire. The Class 200 Magnet Wire is available in 14-38 AWG, while the Belsdol Solderable Magnet Wire is available in 18-36 AWG.