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custom hybrid fiber cables

Allied Wire and Cable is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing custom cables.

We can provide custom cables that feature multi-mode (mm) or single-mode (sm) fiber cables, and with many different copper conductor types. Hybrid cables can connect to direct current (DC) power and radio frequency (RF) signals, allowing high-speed data transfers for many telecommunications applications such as wireless towers, remote radio units, network backhauls, data centers, Ethernet applications, and more.

A hybrid fiber cable can also provide solutions for devices that accept Power over Ethernet (PoE) cabling but are affected by long distances. Power over Ethernet networks can experience power and/or data loss over long distances, but hybrid fiber cables have the ability to send power and data through long-haul distances, reducing the need for repeaters.

Whether you already have the specifications required for your application or need help with a totally new cable design, we can help. Allied Wire and Cable is a leader in cable solutions. During the design process, your assigned sales representative will help you decide if any value-added services are needed for your custom cable. For hybrid fiber cables, we can provide cut and strip, dyeing, and pre-termination.

Pre-terminated wires can be especially convenient for applications with telecommunications or RF towers. Keeping specific lengths for various towers in stock may take up valuable space or resources. Allied Wire and Cable offers a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) service, which allows customers to keep less stock on hand. This also helps our customers because buying pre-terminated cable can reduce installation time and costs. Allied Wire and Cable also offers Just-In-Time (JIT) shipping, which further reduces stock kept on site.

At Allied Wire and Cable, we can help you with all of your wire and cable needs. Whether it's a composite cable or an LSZH cable, we are your one-stop shop for custom cables, value-added services, and delivery management systems. To get started on your custom hybrid fiber design, visit our Custom Cable Design Center today.

Send us more specifications for your custom Hybrid Fiber Cable using our Create-a-Cable form in our custom cable design center. 

Customize Hybrid Fiber Cable