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AA59569 cable

What is AA 59569?

The A-A-59569 Commercial Item Description (CID) is a specification for flat or tubular wire braids, used in commercial and industrial applications. Formerly, these parts were covered in the QQ-B-575 specification. Common applications for AA59569 tubular braid include use as shielding or a protective covering. Flat braided wire is often used as grounding straps, or for bonding and connecting moving parts.


AA59569 copper braids are available with different material coatings and constructions. Luckily, you can tell a lot about these braids just by breaking down their part numbers. A-A-59569 braided wire part numbers are made up of five different elements:

  • Federal Specification— Each part number starts with “AA59569,” representing the A-A-59569 CID.
  • Form— This will determine which type of braid it is. This will either be an “R,” for tubular braid, or an “F” for a flat braided wire.
  • American Wire Gauge— This number represents the AWG, or size of the wire.
  • Strand Coating— “T” is for tin-coated copper strands, “S” is for silver-coated copper strands, and “N” is for nickel-coated copper wire strands.
  • Inside Diameter— This number represents the inside diameter (in mils).

Example breakdown of AA59569F36T0031.

When we break it down into the five sections discussed above, we learn that this part follows the A-A-59569 federal specification, is flat braided wire, size 36 AWG, with tinned copper strands, and an inside diameter of 0031 mils.

Now that we know how the part number works, we can get most of the basic information we need, without even looking at a detailed spec! To learn more about AA59569, or to get a quote, visit our online product catalog.