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cable designing resources

Designing a custom cable can help with the longevity, installation, maintenance, and quality of your application. With Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable design service, you can get exactly what you need. If you need adjustments made to standard cables or need to design a totally new cable, our custom cable experts can help.

Through our custom cable design center, you can specify materials for the conductor, insulation and jacket, performance parameters or industry certifications, and if shielding, tape, or armor is needed for extra protection.

While our dedicated sales representatives are available to help every step of the way, designing a custom cable can seem overwhelming. To learn more about custom cable concepts and components, value-added services, and industry requirements, check out the helpful articles listed below:

Conductor Materials and Types of Tinning: View common conductor materials and learn about some of their defining characteristics.

Conductor Size: How do conductor sizes work and what are the systems of measurement for conductors? 

Conductor Stranding: How do you choose between solid and stranded? What are the types of stranding and stranding classes?

Insulation Materials: View common insulation materials and learn about some of their defining characteristics.

Tape Insulation and Tape Cable Jackets: What are tape insulation and tape jackets? What types are available?

All About Shielding and Interference: View common shielding materials, the types of shielding, and how they can stop interference.

All About Armor: Learn about the uses of cable armor, common armor materials, and the differences between cable armor and shielding.

Value-Added Services: Get wire and cable the way you need it with identification, installation, special packaging, and inventory-management solutions from Allied Wire and Cable.

Standards Organizations: Custom cable can be engineered to meet industry standards, such as UL, CSA, CE, and more. Browse descriptions of popular standards organizations.

If you have any questions or would like an Allied Wire and Cable sales representative to help you engineer a custom cable, please email [email protected] or call 800-472-4655 to discuss your cable requirements. Remember, you don't have to be an expert in wire and cable to get a custom solution that meets your needs. That is what we are here for!