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custom ptfe cable

Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as simply PTFE, is a synthetic fluoropolymer used for insulation and jacketing for cables. Cables with PTFE jacketing are often used in applications in harsh environments.

It is often used in military, industrial, and aerospace markets due to its resistance to ultraviolet radiation, stress, chemicals, and mold growth. Some flex cables will use PTFE insulation because of its durability.

Our Custom PTFE Cable Solution

One of our customers, a manufacturer of rolled aluminum, came to Allied Wire and Cable to get help designing a custom hook-up wire for an application. However, they started using a new coolant in the manufacturing process which began to cause some issues. Employees at the plant noticed the cable malfunctioning and realized that the new coolant had caused the jacket to corrode.

A member of our dedicated sales team worked closely with this customer to update the design of their custom cable. The sales representative knew a PTFE coating would be a good update for the jacket due to its multiple resistances. However, since corrosion was the main concern and the manufacturer hadn’t used this coolant before, the customer was sent a sample of their custom cable with PTFE jacketing.

The customer soaked the custom cable in the new coolant for three days, and there were no signs of corrosion or decomposition. Confident that PTFE jacketing was the perfect solution for their custom cable, the customer was able to order and receive their new custom cable quickly.

This high-pressure situation was no match for our custom cable experts. If your next application requires a cable with multiple resistances, consider ordering a custom PTFE cable from Allied Wire and Cable. Call 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started!

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