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4 Reasons to Turn Your Internship Into a First Full-Time Job!


1. Acquiring ExpertiseAcquiring Expertise

The acquisition and development of soft and technical skillsets have become one of the most important benefits of interning. Learning technical know-how and soft skills like clear communication, teamwork, adaptability, flexibility, and problem-solving is fundamental in today's workforce. You can only gain these skills through on the job training and participation in work tasks. There is no better way of preparing students for the labor force than by affording them opportunities for internships.

2. Earning Real Work ExperienceEarning Real Work Experience

Organizations and business operations are unique from industry to industry. No company achieves its set goals and objectives the same way as its peers. However, the only way to understand this process is by working for a company. The exclusive internal workings of a business ultimately make the difference between its survival or demise, and experiencing this process is invaluable.

3. Networking With Industry ProfessionalsNetworking with industry professionals

One of the largest gains of an internship is the opportunity for networking with industry professionals. They say in the career industry “it is not what you know, but who you know.” The best way to get a foot in the door for a dream job or company is through interning with them. This affords students the opportunity to shadow more experienced professionals in the workplace and industry at large, making an impression. These professional connections can provide excellent recommendations that will enable an intern to secure a full-time job within or outside their place of internship.

4. Getting a Career Launch PlatformCareer launch platform

Interning provides the perfect launch pad to a promising career due to the skills, real work experience, test driving your dream job, and network connections that you have made during and after your internship program

Allied Wire and Cable's most recent intern turned full-time employee is Debbie Musselman, now a junior SEO Specialist. We interviewed her about her experience working as an intern and a full-time employee at Allied, and here's what she had to say.

Debbie Musselman - Junior SEO Specialist

Debbie, how long have you been at AWC as an intern and full-time employee?  

I started my internship in September 2017. I went part-time for a bit and then started full-time in September 2018. I've been at Allied for a total of one year and ten months. Ten months full-time.

What did you learn during your experience interning at AWC? 

I learned that scanning documents all day is not fun... I was kind of quiet in the beginning and wasn't really sure if I could ask for other things to do along with the scanning of all of the customer files. Once I realized I could do that, I started getting other projects to work on and things to learn.

What did you enjoy most about interning at AWC? 

I really enjoyed the environment and the flexibility of my schedule. Everyone is so laid back, and I was able to come in whenever I was able to-- working around my class schedule and other things I had going on. 

How did you transition from intern to full-time employee at AWC?  

In between being an intern and a full-time employee at AWC, I was brought on part-time. Moving from scanning and working with accounting as an intern to IT and marketing as a part-timer and then where I am now.

I kinda quit on the CIO a few times throughout the transitions. I took a few weeks off between semesters because I wasn't sure of what my course load was going to be, and then taking a few weeks off after graduation trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Ultimately, I ended up really enjoying it here and decided to take the full-time offer.

What do you like about being a full-time employee at AWC?

It's a full-time job, what else is there to it than that? Kidding, but actually, I really like the environment and how casual the office is. Everyone is super friendly and easy to talk to.

What message do you have for the future interns and prospective employees of AWC?

Asking me for advice for future interns and prospective employees? Oh, boy...Just do your best and find something that interests you. If at first you're bored out of your mind with what you are doing, ask to try something a little different, and, who knows, you may find something that you never heard about before or thought you would like doing.