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All About GPT Wire

What is GPT Wire?

GPT wire is a standard-wall automotive primary wire. This low voltage wire is often used as trailer wire or as general circuit wiring in automotive applications. GPT automotive wire is also suitable for use as general-purpose automotive cable in trucks, boats, and other vehicles.

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Type GPT wire features a stranded bare copper conductor and PVC insulation. The Polyvinyl Chloride insulation has good mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion, weathering, and impact. However, it doesn't feature the same level of heat and low-temperature resistance as XLPE insulated primary wires. Allied Wire and Cable offers GPT wire in gauge sizes 8 AWG to 22 AWG.


GPT automotive wire is a low voltage automotive cable. Like other types of automotive primary wire, the voltage rating for GPT wire is typically 50V. It has a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. It meets SAE J-1128 standards. Our GPT automotive primary wire also meets the Ford M1L-56A and Chrysler MS-3450 specifications.

Other Types of PVC Automotive Primary Wire

Type GPT automotive wire is one of the many Polyvinyl Chloride insulated primary wires that we carry. We also offer Type TWP and Type HDT wires. These wires have the same construction, but their insulation thickness sets them apart. Type TWP is a thin-wall wire, whereas HDT is a heavy-wall wire. We offer Type TWP in gauge sizes 22 AWG to 10 AWG and Type HDT wire in 20 AWG to 4 AWG.

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TWP primary wire also has a higher maximum temperature of 105°C. All of these automotive cables meet SAE J-1128 but have varying Chrysler and Ford specs. TWP wire meets Ford M1L-120A and Chrysler MS-7889 standards. HDT wire meets Ford M1L-50A and Chrysler MS-3494 standards.

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Value-Added Services

All of our automotive primary wires can be customized with value-added services to make identification easy. Popular value-added services include adding up to three stripes (also known as tracers) for wires used in wire harnesses. Jacketing can also be printed with custom text, numbers, and even company logos!

We offer a wide range of automotive cables, including battery cable, car speaker wire, building wire, and more! If you have more questions about GPT Wire, you can read more about the different types of primary wire here. You can also check out our Automotive Wire FAQs or contact us.

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