Cable assemblies are available from Allied Wire & Cable. Cable assemblies consist of fiber optic cable with connectors installed on one or both ends. Select one of the products below to learn more about our Corning fiber optic cable assemblies, including a range of their Corning LANscape solutions products.

For your convenience, each product page features a custom cable assembly part builder, where you can choose the following:

  • Type of connector(s) - Choose from a range of single-mode and multi-mode connectors.
  • Fiber count
  • Cable code based on construction and fiber type
  • Cable assembly length
  • Unit of measure (meters or feet)

Each part builder page walks you through the specifications step-by-step, so you can determine the exact cable assembly you need, and then easily submit a request for quote.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please email or call 800-472-4655 to speak with an Allied rep now.