Bus Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable’s extensive stock of flexible control and automation cables. All of our bus cables provide the necessary flexibility and data transmission speeds to accommodate the sophisticated technology used in bus systems.

Bus cable does not refer to the motor vehicle. A bus, in the technology industry, is an interface of devices that share power and data communication. This can be in PC or car engine computers, or in engineering, processing, and automation devices. Bus cables are manufactured for use in these specific applications. Because bus cables are commonly used in tight spaces for cable tracks, many require high levels of flexibility.

Different bus cables are made for specific bus systems: Interbus Remote & Remote Installation, Interbus Loop, Profibus Cables, and CAN Bus Cables are the most common.

SafetyBUS cable is used in conjunction with safe field buses for factory automation. These buses follow high standards of safety that benefit workers in several industries such as automotive, construction, and process engineering. SafetyBUS functions like the CAN bus system, but because of added safety requirements, separate bus cables must be used. CAN bus cables are meant for use with Control Apparatus Net (CAN) systems. They must be able to handle the high volume of data transmitted, as the CAN bus system is used primarily for digital information transmission.