Our Transpower HEP Cable is designed for heavy-duty service where severe flexing is encountered. It is suitable for use in jumper assemblies, locomotive-to-locomotive, locomotive-to-car, and car-to-car for transmillion of 480V, 3 phase 60/60 Hz. This cable is extremely flexible and exhibits extreme temperature resistance during molding operation (up to +375°F). This cable is also moisture, oil, fluid, ozone, sunlight, flame, heat, abrasion, tear, and compression resistant.

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Head-End Power Polyrad Cable Specifications

HEP Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Bare Copper
  • Insulation: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Jacket: Neoprene

HEP Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • Voltage: 600V
  • Normal Operating Temperature: -55°C to 90°C
  • Bend radius: 3.5" min. per ICEA S-19-81 (Single conductor only)
  • Ampacity: 400 Amps @ 30°C
  • Amtrak Specification: D-77-24
  • ASTM B3
  • ASTM B172
  • UL Standard 62
  • ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC 70 (formerly ICEA S-19-81)