VFD, or variable frequency drive, Tray Cables are part of Allied Wire and Cable's extensive stock of Tray Cable and is utilized in many industries. These cables are used to connect variable frequency drive systems to a motor. They are often found in industrial or factory environments and are suitable for use in bottling equipment, grinding machines, data processing equipment, and automated servo systems.


VFD cables are designed to withstand the unique challenges of variable frequency drive applications. You may also see variable frequency drives called alternating or variable speed drives. VFDs control the amount of electricity delivered to a motor at any given time. Because they can change the amount of current, they minimize energy waste and allow for a higher level of process control.

The disadvantage of these systems comes with the need to convert energy from AC to DC current, and then back to AC. These energy conversions result in a range of hazards that the cable must be able to withstand. Now that technology is so advanced, the other components used in VFD systems can handle the conversions and their consequences fairly easily, making VFD cables the most susceptible to damage. Choosing an inappropriate VFD cable can lead to interference with nearby equipment or system failure.

Our VFD cables are constructed with these issues in mind. The Shielded VFD cable combats the problems of high-frequency noise and interference. Common shielding materials include copper tape, combination shielding, and continuously corrugated and welded shielding. Allied offers VFD cables with copper screens, armored VFD, and more.

Our Flexible Tray Cable, which provides more flexibility than a standard Tray Cable, is often used in Control applications as well as machinery, conveyor belts, grinding machines, assembly lines, and data processing equipment. This type of electrical cable offers an extremely long service life.

Our Heavy Duty Tray Cables are designed for use in applications that require tray cable ratings. These cables are extremely durable and ideal for industrial-grade environments.