Alpha EcoCable contains no heavy metals, phthalates, or halogens and is fully recyclable. In comparison to PVC, Alpha EcoCable is 65 percent lighter and 47 percent smaller. This cable features an aluminum/polyester foil shield with a 25 percent overlap.

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Alpha Foil Shield EcoCable Specifications

Foil Shield EcoCable Construction:

  • Conductor: Stranded tinned copper
  • Insulation: Modified Polyphenylene Ether (mPPE)
  • Jacket: mPPE
  • Jacket Color: Slate
  • Shielding: Foil Shield; Aluminum/polyester tape with 25% overlap, foil facing inward

Foil Shield EcoCable Ratings and Approvals:

  • Voltage: 600V
  • Temperature Range: -50°C to 105°C
  • Bend Radius: 6x
  • UL AWM 21915 (600V, 105°C)
  • CE Approved
  • IEC 60332-2 Flame Behavior
  • Suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications
  • ISO 10993-5
  • RoHS Hook-up Wire
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • WEEE Compliant 

Recommendations for FIT Tubing:

  • FIT Spiral Wrap
  • FIT-221L: Low Smoke Zero Halogen