Custom Cable Articles

Learn all about the custom cable basics in our library of educational articles. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of choosing custom over stock, the options you have when designing a custom cable, and more. These articles address some of the important concepts behind custom cable, but engineering resources are also available.

  • 4 Ways to Save with Custom Made Cable - One of the biggest misconceptions around custom cable is that it is expensive, but we're ready to set the record straight. Custom cable is generally very affordable, but it doesn't stop there. In this article, we'll show you four ways custom made cable can actually save you money. Learn how choosing custom cable could benefit your budget now.

  • Small Changes Make a Big Difference - Not all custom cable needs to be built from the ground up. Are you currently working with a stock cable that doesn't quite fit your needs? Altering just one or two aspects of a cable can have a major impact on how it works in your application. Relatively small changes can improve performance, service life, or even the way the cable fits in with your branding efforts. If you need a special color code, a non-standard gauge size, a different jacket material, additional shielding, or even a more flexible version of a cable, Allied can do it! See how making small changes to a stock cable can lead to huge improvements in your application.

  • Custom Composite Cable - Are you using multiple wires and cables for one application? With a custom composite cable, you can streamline your wiring by incorporating different sizes and types of cable under one jacket. Whether you're dealing with an extremely specialized system or simply want to combine multiple functions in one cable solution, custom composite cable may be the right choice for you. See how custom composite cables can make for easier handling, more convenient installation, and even cost savings.

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