Custom Cable: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

"I wish this cable was just a little more flexible."

"It works, but it would last longer if it had a tougher jacket."

"This cable would be perfect if it had a different color code."

We hear these kinds of things from project engineers all the time. Often, off-the-shelf cables are chosen for their convenience, even though a slightly different combination of traits or attributes could better fit the needs of an application.

The problem with off-the-shelf products is that they are designed to meet the requirements of most applications, but not to work perfectly in every application. It is only natural that many companies and applications could benefit from certain, relatively small changes to a cable design.

Fortunately, not all custom cable needs to be built from the ground up. If altering a certain aspect of the cable would make it a better fit for you, just let us know! Allied can do everything from adding a braid, to switching out a jacket material. If you need a more flexible version of a cable or just a non-standard gauge size, we can do that too.

Other times, changes have more to do with aesthetics than performance. These days, it is just as important to meet internal requirements and branding needs, as it is to comply with anything else. If you require a different color code, custom dyeing, or your logo and custom print on the jacket, Allied can create a cable to meet your needs.

You may be asking “is it worth ordering a custom cable just for one or two relatively small changes?” The answer is almost always “yes!” Custom cables are generally very affordable, and a viable option whether you need a small amount of material, or a large run.

Altering just one or two aspects of a standard cable is actually very common. One Allied customer in particular orders customized STJ cable on a regular basis. It is purchased for engine testing, and is therefore used, altered, and reordered often. At certain points, we have done everything from changing the gauge size, to increasing stranding for a more flexible version, and even changing the color code.

Because the cables were part of the company’s product testing, our customer had no use for large amounts of each cable design. We realize that not everyone needs thousands of feet of their custom cable, and that most can’t afford to wait a long time to get it from a factory. That’s why Allied offers small minimums and short lead times, making custom cable a realistic choice for all of our customers.

If you are settling for an off-the-shelf cable that could be altered to more exactly meet the needs of your application, call Allied at 800-472-4655 today to speak with one of our custom cable experts. We will work with you to ensure that you get the ideal cable for your application, and your quote is absolutely free.


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