Custom Cable Engineering Resources: Components and Concepts

With custom made cable, there is no need to settle for off-the-shelf combinations of materials and attributes. With custom cable engineering services, you get exactly what you need. Whether you need one aspect of a cable changed, or are designing a custom cable from the ground up, you'll get the solution best suited to your application. Specify materials for the conductor, insulation, and jacket, performance parameters, industry approvals, whether you'd like to add shielding, tape, or armor for extra protection, and more.

You can count on Allied's custom cable engineering services to get you the cable design best suited to your needs. If you aren't sure of a design, or need to meet specific requirements, but aren't sure which materials would work best, you can speak with one of our custom cable experts. Our representatives are standing by to help throughout the process; from design and cable engineering services to manufacture.

Learn more about common custom cable concepts, cable components and materials, value-added service options, and industry standards that could apply to your custom made cable in these engineering articles:

Custom Cable Conductor
Cable Insulation Jacket

Insulation and Jacketing


Cable Armor

Shielding and Armor

  • All About Shielding - The purpose of shielding, materials and types (braid, spiral, foil), and shielding terms are all covered in this article.
  • All About Armor - Learn about the uses of cable armor and common armor materials, and see the differences between cable armor and shielding.
  • "Cable Basics 105: Shielding and Armor" Video  - Watch this video for an overview of shielding and armor, including common materials and construction types.


Additional Custom Cable Resources
  • Value-Added Services - Get wire and cable the way you need it with identification, installation, special packaging, and inventory management solutions from Allied.
  • Spotlight On: Value-Added Services Video - Watch this video for an overview of some of our most popular customization services.
  • Standards Organizations - Custom cable can be engineered to meet industry standards, such as UL, CSA, CE, and more. Browse descriptions of popular standards organizations.

If you have any questions, or would like an Allied rep to help you engineer a custom cable to, please email or call 800-472-4655 to discuss your cable requirements.

Remember, you don't have to be an expert in wire and cable to get a custom solution that meets your needs - that's what we're here for!


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