Custom Hybrid Fiber Cable


Hybrid Fiber Cable

Allied Wire & Cable is a leader in custom cable manufacturing, termination, and construction. We can supply custom applications that feature multi-mode (mm) or single-mode (sm) fiber cables with a number of different copper conductor types as a power supply. This type of hybrid cable can connect DC power and RF signal allowing high-speed data transfer for wireless towers, remote radio units, network backhauls, data centers, and other telecommunications applications.

Custom Hybrid Fiber Cable Applications

Our hybrid fiber cables have direct burial capacity and can be pre-terminated or cut to length for a number of custom applications including cabling solutions to support 4G, LTE, WiMAX, MIMO and 5G network needs.

A hybrid fiber cable can also provide cabling solutions for devices that accept PoE cabling but are hindered by long distances. Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks can experience power and data loss over long distances. Hybrid fiber cables have the capacity send power and data over long-haul networks for greater flexibility and can reduce the need for repeaters. 

You can submit current specs that you have or we can help you come up with a new design for your custom hybrid cable depending on the needs of your application. During the process we can decide whether or not any other value added services are right for your project. We can include wire striping, dying or pre-termination of our hybrid wire.

Value Added Services for Hybrid Fiber Cable

Pre-terminated wire can be great when working in telecommunications and RF towers. The problem is keeping specific lengths for different towers in stock taking up valuable space and resources. Allied Wire & Cable can help by offering our vendor managed inventory service. This will allow you to keep less stock on hand and offers the benefit of allowing you to buy pre-terminated cable saving on installation time and costs and also saves customers space by not having to carry such a large inventory of different custom cable lengths.

Along with Allied’s VMI system, we also offer Just-In-Time (JIT) shipping further reducing your stock-in-hand freeing up valuable floor space. Very few people can offer custom hybrid fiber cable and even fewer offer management solutions for fiber cable like Allied can.

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