4 Ways to Save with Custom Made Cable

One widespread misconception about custom cable is that it is expensive. However, there are several ways choosing custom made cable could actually save you money.

  1. Minimize Replacement Costs - Stop replacing off-the-shelf cable that doesn’t hold up in your application. You can design a custom cable to withstand environmental challenges and tough performance parameters, so that it lasts longer. With a custom cable solution, you avoid costly downtime caused by stock cable failures, limit replacement cable purchases, and save on the labor you would normally require for repairs or new installations.

  2. Buy One Composite Cable Instead of a List of Individual Cables – Custom composite cable can save you time, space, and money. If you are using multiple cables for one application, why not combine them under one jacket for a more streamlined solution? With composite cables, you can combine different gauge sizes and constructions under one jacket to get all of the service you need, with simpler installation, and one line-item instead of a long list of individual parts.

  3. Take Advantage of Lower Minimums and Faster Turnaround – If you don’t need a lot of cable, factory minimums can be far out of reach. Allied can provide lower minimums – just 100 feet for most builds. And, as the saying goes, “time is money,” so Allied’s short lead times are just as important. Don’t lose production time waiting for cables with long lead times.

  4. Get the Attributes You Need, Without Costly Extras – One of the main benefits of custom made cable is that you get all of the attributes you need to make the cable a success in your application. However, choosing custom options can also mean leaving out certain “extras” you don’t need. For example, if you only purchase stock cable, you may have to go with a more expensive product to meet certain spec requirements, even though other aspects of that off-the-shelf option aren’t required for your application. With custom cable, the construction is tailored to your particular needs, so you never have to worry about paying for unnecessary components or materials.

If you want a cable that will work efficiently in your application, and last longer than most off-the-shelf options, consider custom cable from Allied. You will save on replacement parts and labor costs, and with Allied’s short lead times and low minimums, custom made cables are a viable option for even small runs.

See how Allied can save you money with custom cable. Email customerservice@awcwire.com or call 800-472-4655 to speak with a rep today.


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