Custom Power Cable


Custom Power Cable

Did you know that Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cables could be in your favorite amusement park? Our custom cable experts worked one-on-one with engineers to design the custom power cable that would pull their roller coaster up the slope at the beginning of the ride.

Due to the unique requirements of their application, the engineers knew that they would be ordering a custom cable from the start. The engineers outlined their needs and asked Allied Wire and Cable to tweak the design and create the ideal cable for their specific needs.

The cable had to be powerful enough to meet the performance parameters of the application but also had to be especially tough, abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant. It needed to withstand exposure to the elements, and failure was not an option.

Allied Wire and Cable is proud to provide top-quality materials, insulation and jacketing solutions for even the toughest environments, so building the custom power cable to meet these tough standards was not a problem.

We know roller-coaster riders are thinking more about the upcoming drop than the cable helping to pull them up to the top of the ascent, but we’re sure they’d agree that the custom power cable was a success!

Dealing with an application that has unique needs and environmental challenges? Visit our Custom Cable Design Center to tell us about your requirements and see what Allied Wire and Cable can do for you.

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