$146.00 / 500 FT
  • Approx LBS/MFT: 13
  • Dielectric Strength: 700 V/mil
  • Expanded I.D. (in): 0.118
  • Material: Adhesive Lined Irradiated Polyolefin (PO)
  • Max. Long. Shrinkage: -0.15
  • Max. Temp: 110°C, 110C
  • Max. Tensile Strength: 2100 psi
  • Min. Temp: -55°C, -55C
  • Nom. Rec. Wall Thick. (in): 0.034
  • Recovered I.D. (in): 0.04
  • Shrink Ratio: 0.125694444444444
  • Shrink Temp: 121°C
  • Size (in): 44204
  • Specific Gravity: 1.2
  • Ultimate Elongation: 3
  • Volume Resistivity: 1014 Ohm-cm

HST321-1/8 — Polyolefin Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing

Our HST321-1/8 is a versatile and reliable tubing solution designed to meet various industry needs. Weighing approximately 13 pounds per thousand feet (LBS/MFT), this tubing is lightweight and easy to work with. It features an impressive dielectric strength of 700 V/mil, ensuring effective electrical insulation. With an expanded inner diameter of 0.118 inches, it accommodates various applications. Constructed from adhesive-lined irradiated polyolefin (PO) material, it not only insulates effectively but also provides a secure seal. The tubing can operate efficiently within a temperature range of -55°C to 110°C, making it adaptable to diverse environmental conditions. It boasts a maximum tensile strength of 2100 psi, indicating its durability under pressure. The nominal recommended wall thickness is 0.034 inches, and the recovered inner diameter after shrinking is 0.04 inches, with a shrink ratio of approximately 0.126. With a specific gravity of 1.2, ultimate elongation of 3, and volume resistivity of 10^14 Ohm-cm, this tubing combines excellent electrical and mechanical properties, making it a dependable choice for various electrical and mechanical applications, offering a balance of performance and adaptability.