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Belden CI Cable

Belden’s line of CI Cable is designed for use in fire alarm systems and Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications systems, also known as EVAC systems for short. CI stands for “circuit integrity.” NEC Circuit Integrity Cables are all riser-rated and may be used in the vertical spaces which run from floor-to-floor behind the walls of a building. CIC Cables are Circuit Integrity in Conduit cables. These are also available from Allied Wire. Belden CIC Cables must be installed in conduit because, unlike CI Cables, they cannot pass fire safety requirements outside of conduit. Both types of circuit integrity cable offer great flexibility for easy handling and installation.

CI Cable and CIC Cable are part of the Belden Safe-T-Line collection of New Generation security and fire alarm cables.

Allied offers Belden circuit integrity cables in unshielded multi-conductor FPLR-CI and shielded multi-conductor FPLR-CI versions. CIC Cables are available to meet NEC FPLR-CIC standards.

To conform to or exceed many building codes, in addition to the NFPA 101® Life Safety Code®, EVAC systems are required in buildings where immediate evacuation would be difficult in the case of an emergency. These security systems make announcements, and are often used to direct people during an evacuation, so it is important that they are able to withstand the extreme conditions of a fire. According to the Life Safety Code, these systems must be able to run for at least two hours during an emergency, resisting direct flame if necessary. These time and safety requirements play important roles in the testing of CI cables.

Both CI cables and CIC cables pass the 2 hour UL 2196 flame test. The major difference between the two types is that CI cable cannot be installed in conduit, but CIC cable must be installed in conduit to pass. To withstand all of the fire safety requirements, these circuit integrity cables are built with thermoset elastomer insulation and low-smoke zero-halogen, flame-retardant polyolefin jackets.

According to electrical codes, CI Cable cannot be spliced between the area it serves and the Fire Command Center, so Belden offers this cable in 1,000 foot lengths. However, longer lengths of circuit integrity cable are available.