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Belden Special Audio, Communication, and Instrumentation Coax

Allied supplies Belden coaxial cable to a wide range of industries and applications, including specialized audio, communication, and instrumentation applications.

Our inventory of Belden cable includes Mini Coax Cable. It is constructed with a 28 AWG solid tinned copper conductor, polypropylene insulation, a black PVC jacket, and a bare copper braid shield. Our mini coax has a temperature rating of 105°C and an NEC Type CMH cable rating. It also passes the VW-1 flame test.

Low noise cable is also offered in our inventory of Specialty Coaxial Cable. All are high quality cables designed to reduce triboelectric noise. Triboelectric noise is internal noise created when a cable flexes or vibrates. This movement creates friction among the cable’s components (insulation, conductor, etc.) which then produces an electric charge that can then disrupt signal transmission. These low noise cables reduce the disruptive signals, also known as noise, for cleaner signal transmission overall.

RG174U, RG59U, and RG58U options are included in our stock of Belden low noise cable. They are built with bare copper-covered steel or tinned copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, and black PVC jacketing, but the shielding differs in accordance with each RG number. RG174U cable features a tinned copper braid. RG58U cable has a combination Duobond II and tinned copper braid shield. RG59U cable is outfitted with a bare copper braid shield. These cables are not recommended for radio frequency use.