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Belden EPDM Hook-Up Wire

Belden EPDM Hook-Up Wire is offered with a wide range of industry approvals and temperature ratings. These wires are designed with a stranded tinned copper conductor and chemically cross-linked ethylene-propylene diene elastomer (EPDM) insulation. EPDM has the two best characteristics of Silicone and Hypalon® insulations combined together: abrasion resistance and high temperature ratings. Now, you no longer have to choose one over the other!

Belden offers 3 different EPDM High Temperature Hook-Up Wire products. All three conform to a UL standard: UL 3340 & UL 3374, UL 3484, and UL 3499. Belden's UL 3340 and UL 3374 is rated for 600V and either 125°C for flexing applications or 150°C for applications that involve no flexing. Another Hook-Up Wire that's rated to 600V and 125°C is UL 3484. Belden's UL 3499 has the highest voltage out of all of Belden's EPDM Hook-Up Wires at 7500V. It also carries a 150°C temperature rating, and it is the only one of these three that is not dual rated for CSA Type AWM.

In addition to these high-temperature EPDM options, Belden also offers an EPDM hook-up wire with a lower temperature rating. Belden Gas Tube Sign and Ignition Cable is recommended for applications up to 10kV and 105°C, and meets UL GTO-10 and CSA GTO-10 requirements. Belden Gas Tube Sign and Ignition Wire is suitable for use in gas-tube systems found in signs, outline lighting or interior lights. It can also be used with oil-burning equipment when in compliance with the National Electrical Code.