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Belden Magnet Wire

Belden Cable manufactures 2 different types of Magnet Wire: Class 200 & Single Beldsol Solderable Magnet Wire. Magnet Wire isn't magnetized, but it will create an electromagnetic field if it is electrified while wound in a coil.

The difference between Belden's 2 Magnet Wire types lies in the spool size and the coating. While both have dual coatings, each type uses different material. Class 200 Magnet Wire has a base coating of cross-linked, modified polyester, and a top coating of amide-imide polymer. Single Beldsol Solderable Magnet Wire has a base coat of polyurethane and a nylon top coat.

Class 200 Magnet Wire is available in one pound spools, while Beldsol is sold on half-pound spools.  Single Beldsol Solderable Magnet Wire is rated at a slightly higher temperature than the Class 200 Magnet Wire, at 270°C versus 200°C. Solderable Beldsol will also successfully solder at 750°C without any insulation removal.