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Belden Neoprene Hook-Up Wire

Belden manufactures 2 types of Neoprene Hook-Up Wire. UL 3044 is ideal for hazardous locations, such as explosion-proof motors. This Belden Hook-Up Wire is rated for 300V and 90°C, and is approved for CSA Type CL902 standards. Belden's 600V Neoprene wire products conform to UL 3046, UL 3048 or UL 3049 depending on the specific part number.

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The Neoprene used for these Belden Hook-Up Wires offers many excellent characteristics that are essential to a variety of applications. This insulation can retain its flexibility at high and low temperatures without breaking down, and can also remain chemically stable in harsh environments. Famous for its use in wetsuits, Neoprene is an excellent insulator for cold temperatures both in the air and in the water.