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Belden Silicone Rubber Hook-Up Wire

Belden Cable manufactures Braidless and Glass Braid Silicone Rubber Hook-Up Wire. With or without the braid, silicone rubber is a stable choice of insulation, due to its vast temperature range and resistance to harsh environments.

Braidless Silicone Hook-Up Wire has the added benefit of easier stripping, due to the lack of the glass braid. Belden UL 3212, UL 3213 and UL 3214 Hook-Up Wire can be used in Class 155(F) or Class 180(H) applications, and is rated to 600V and 150°C. Belden Wire also manufactures Belden UL 3135 Braidless Silicone Hook-Up Wire, which is also rated for 600V but carries a slightly higher temperature rating of 200°C. However, it can only be used in enclosed systems.

Belden Silicone Rubber Hook-Up Wire with a Glass Braid has added abrasion resistance, and Belden manufactures the braids with lacquer to prevent any fraying. The silicone rubber insulation will strip cleanly in spite of the glass braid.

Belden's UL 3071, UL 3074, UL 3075, UL 3125 and UL 3126 Silicone Hook-Up Wire is able to perform in Class 130(B), 155(F) and 180(H) applications, as well as clothes dryers, stoves, motors, lighting fixtures, and therapeutic and electronic devices. It carries a 600V and 200°C rating, and also conforms to CSA Type SEW-2.

Belden's second Glass Braided Silicone Hook-Up Wire offering conforms to Belden UL 3069, UL 3070 and UL 3101 depending on the part number, and it can be used in the same high-temp applications as Belden's UL 3071, UL 3074, UL 3075, UL 3125 and UL 3126 Hook-Up Wire. Also approved for CSA Type SEWF-2, these wires are rated to 600V and 150°C.

Belden UL 3123 Mercury Switch Wire can be installed in mercury switches where mechanical abuse is not a concern, and it remains flexible at temperatures between 150°C and -55°C. These Belden hook-up wires are designed with a stranded tinned copper conductor and are recommended for applications up to 600V.

Belden's Test Prod Wire is offered with a stranded tinned copper conductor and either PVC or rubber insulation. These test wires are rated for up to 5000V and 80°C, except for Belden 9899, which has an even higher temperature rating of 90°C. Belden 9899 is the only one of these test prod wires to follow UL 1855 specifications. 

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