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Sumitomo Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Products

Sumitomo Dual Wall Adhesive Lined products are used in a variety of applications.

These products are considered the ultimate in sealing protection. They are made of an irradiated cross-linked flexible flame-retarded polyolefin outside with a meltable adhesive outside for maximum sealing protection. They can be used in sealing protection against a variety of subastances including: water/moisture, solvents petrochemicals, acids, and harsh chemicals.

Simply click on the product links above to see specs and submit RFQs for Sumitomo Dual Wall Adhesive Lined products to provide protective sealing and insulation for electrical wires, pipes, antennas, and cable terminals. 

If you don't see any of the Sumitomo Dual Wall Adhesive products you need, contact an Allied Sales Rep at (800) 472-4655.