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Sumitomo Solder Sleeve

H-M Series (Immersion resistant w/o lead wire, 150°C) — AS83519/1 (QPL listed product)
H-ML Series (Immersion Resistant with lead wire 150°C) — AS83519/2 (QPL listed product

Solder Termination Sleeve(STS) products have many uses in a variety of areas ranging from commercial aircraft and military, aerospace and defense to high volume commercial applications. A tough and shrinkable sleeve made from semi-rigid crosslinked fluoroplastic will help with relief, insulation and mechanical protection with the finished product.

STS parts have a temperature indication (TI) paint on the solder rings. This means that they will change color when the right temperature has been applied. Helping you determine that the termination has been properly completed.


Solder Alloys Content RoHS Solder Temp Operating Temp
H-H = Sn96 96% Tin; 4% Silver Yes (221°C) (175°C)
H = Sn63 63% Tin; 37% Lead No (183°C) (150°C)
L = Cd18 18% Cadmium; 32% Lead; 50% Tin No (145°C) (125°C)
E = Bi58/Sn42 58% Bismuth; 42% Tin Yes (138°C) (125°C)

Heating Method

C = Convection / Hot Air I = Infrared M = Mil-Spec (thermochromic indicator) Hot Air or Infrared
L = Lead Wire Dash # "X" Size; Gauge
1-5 20 AWG
6-10 22 AWG
11-15 24 AWG
16-20 26 AWG
B = Braid Dash # "XXXX" = Size; Length; Plating (T= Tin, N= Nickel, S= Silver)
Sizes 1-5 available in various lengths & plating types (call SEIP Customer Support for Detailed part #) 

 Sleeve Sizes 

1 = Smallest
2 = Largest 

(for leadwire products, dash #s = 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, respectively)



AS83519/1 & 2 (150°C)

Convection or Infrared Applications
Sn63 (RMA flux)

Size Cable OD Range No Preinstalled Wire Preinstalled 20 AWG Wire
Preinstalled 22 AWG Wire
Preinstalled 24 AWG Wire
Preinstalled 26 AWG Wire
1 0.20-.105 H-M-1 M83519/1-1 H-ML-1 M83519/2-1 H-ML-6 M83519/2-6 H-ML-11 M83519/2-11 H-ML-16 M83519/2-16
2 .030-.145 H-M-2 M83519/1-2 H-ML-2 M83519/2-2 H-ML-7 M83519/2-7 H-ML-12 M83519/2-12 H-ML-17 M83519/2-17
3 .050-.200 H-M-3 M83519/1-3 H-ML-3 M83519/2-3 H-ML-8 M83519/2-8 H-ML-13 M83519/2-13 H-ML-18 M83519/2-18
4 .070-.255 H-M-4 M83519/1-4 H-ML-4 M83519/2-4 H-ML-9 M83519/2-9 H-ML-14 M83519/2-14 H-ML-19 M83519/2-19
5 .100-.300 H-M-5 M83519/1-5 H-ML-5 M83519/2-5 H-ML-10 M83519/2-10 H-ML-15 M83519/2-15 H-ML-20 M83519/2-20

Part Number Solder Melt TempOperating TemperatureSleeve SizeAWG SizeSumitomo
M83519/1-2 183°C 150°C 2 N/A H-M-3
M83519/1-3 183°C 150°C 3 N/A H-M-3
M83519/1-5 183°C 150°C 5 N/A H-M-5
M83519/2-1 183°C 150°C 1 20 H-ML-1
M83519/2-2 183°C 150°C 2 20 H-ML-2
M83519/2-3 183°C 150°C 3 20 H-ML-3
M83519/2-4 183°C 150°C 4 20 H-ML-4
M83519/2-8 183°C 150°C 8 22 H-ML-8
M83519/2-9 183°C 150°C 9 22 H-ML-9
M83519/2-12 183°C 150°C 12 24 H-ML-12
M83519/2-13 183°C 150°C 13 24 H-ML-13
M83519/2-14 183°C 150°C 14 24 H-ML-14
M83519/2-18 183°C 150°C 18 26 H-ML-18