TG 8

TG 8
$3,026.99 / 1000 FT
  • Amps: 95
  • Approx LBS/MFT: 72.00
  • AWG Size: 8
  • Cond. Material: Nickel-Plated Copper
  • Conductor Stranding: 133/.0111
  • CSA Type: AWM I A/B
  • Fiberglass Braid Thick. (in): 0.005
  • Insul. Material: PTFE Tape/Fiberglass Serving/Fiberglass Braid treated with High-Temp Saturant
  • Max. Temp: 250C
  • No. of Strands: 133
  • Nom. Insul. Thick. (in): 0.011
  • Nom. O.D. (in): 0.213
  • Strand Size: 0.0111
  • UL Style: 5256
  • Voltage: 600

TG 8 High Temperature Wire

TG 8 high temperature wire is a TGGT wire. TGGT is an acronym which stands for Teflon®-Glass-Glass-Teflon®. Teflon® is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) originally developed by DuPont. TGGT wire has PTFE tape insulation covered by a high temperature sealant impregnated fiberglass jacket. You can use this wire continuously at 250ºC. In some instances, manufacturers place a ceramic tape on top of the PTFE wire insulation (TCGT).

TG 8 is TGGT wire is a stranded 8 AWG high temperature wire with 113 strands of nickel-plated copper measuring .0111 inch each. This wire conforms to UL 5214 and UL 5256 requirements. It can handle 95 amps and can carry up to 600 volts. It has a nominal inslulation thickness of 0.011 inches and a nominal outer diameter of 0.213. The insulation material is comprised of PTFE tape/fiberglass serving and a fiberglass braid treated with a high-temperature saturant which permits the use of this material in environments where sustained temperatures of 250 degress Celsius may be experienced.

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