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Part Number Specifications
MIL-C-13777/1 2-5 Conductors
MIL-C-13777/2 6-15 Conductors
MIL-C-13777/3 16-20 Conductors
MIL-C-13777/4 21-32 Conductors
MIL-C-13777/5 34-52 Conductors
MIL-C-13777/6 60-78 Conductors
MIL-C-13777 Wire (M13777 Wire)
Flexible, Portable, Oil Resistant
600 V, -54°C-71°C
Interconnection Cable

MIL-C-13777 Wire (M13777 Wire) Approvals:

  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Temperature Rating: -54°C-71°C
  • Mil Spec: MIL-C-13777

MIL-C-13777 Wire (M13777 Wire) Construction:

  • Conductor:
    • Flexible, concentric, soft annealed, tinned copper
    • 18 & 20 AWG: Includes 3 reinforcing stainless steel strands
  • Insulation:
    • Extruded virgin polyethylene
    • 12 AWG & smaller: Includes a 0.003" thick, clear polyamide (nylon) jacket
  • Shielding:
    • Tinned copper braided shield with 85% minimum coverage.
    • A shield jacket of either nylon or fused polyester tapes is applied in accordance with the size and electrical requirements of the above specification.
  • Jacket:
    • Arctic grade polychloroprene (neoprene), meeting the heat, oil, mechanical and environmental requirements of MIL-C-13777.
    • Where two layers are specified, a reinforcing serve is applied between layers.

MIL-C-13777 Wire (M13777 Wire) Applications:

  • Interconnection of mobile or portable complex weapons systems
  • Fire control instruments
  • Generator units
  • Radar devices
  • Communications gear
  • Guided missiles
  • Artillery

MIL-C-13777 Wire (M13777 Wire) Features & Benefits:

  • For use where oil, ozone, and weather resistance are of major importance.
  • The cables remain flexible over a temperature range of -54°C to 71°C
  • They may be used on bare ground, in shallow trenches, or swampy environments.
  • The cables resist kinking from frequent reeling and unreeling, twisting or dragging across the ground.