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MIL-C-27500 Cables | NEMA WC 27500 Part Number Builder

MIL-C-27500 Wire (M27500 Cable)
MIL Spec Wire
NEMA WC 27500

The M27500 Cable specification is commonly used to describe both shielded and unshielded cable constructions for avionics, aerospace and airframe applications. Circuit identification, conductor size, insulation type, number of conductors, shielding material and jacket compound may all be specified using this document. Single conductor, twisted pairs, and multiconductor cables through 10 components are all included.

M27500 Wire Makeup

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Length (ft.):
Part Number

Table 1: Basic M27500 Cable Description


Code SAE Component Code SAE Component Code SAE Component
A AS50861/1 MD AS81044/5 SM AS22759/41
AA AS50861/5 ME AS81044/6 SN AS22759/42
AB AS50861/6 MF AS81044/7 SP AS22759/43
AD AS50861/7 MG AS81044/8 SR AS22759/44
B AS50861/2 MH AS81044/9 SS AS22759/45
C AS50861/3 MJ AS81044/10 ST AS22759/46
CA AS22759/13 MK AS81044/11 SV AS22759/47
CB AS22759/14 MW AS81381/11 SW AS22759/48
CC AS22759/15 ML AS81044/12 SX AS22759/49
DB AS22759/180 MM AS81044/13 SY AS22759/50
DC AS22759/181 MR M81381/7 TA AS22759/8
DE AS22759/182 MS M81381/8 TE AS22759/16
DF M22759/183 MT M81381/9 TF AS22759/17
DG AS22759/184 MV M81381/10 TG AS22759/18
DH AS22759/185 MW M81381/11 TH AS22759/19
DJ AS22759/186 MY M81381/12 TK AS22759/20
DK AS22759/187 NA M81381/13 TL AS22759/21
DL AS22759/188 NB M81381/14 TM AS22759/22
DM AS22759/189 NE M81381/17 TN AS22759/23
DN AS22759/190 NF M81381/18 VA AS22759/5
DP AS22759/191 NG M81381/19 WA AS22759/6
DR AS22759/192 NH M81381/20 WB AS22759/80
E AS22759/2 NK M81381/21 WC AS22759/81
EA AS822759/1 NL M81381/22 WE AS22759/82
F M8777 (MS27110) P AS50861/4 WF AS22759/83
H M8777 (MS25471) RA AS22759/3 WG AS22759/84
JA M25038/1 RB AS22759/4 WH AS22759/85
JB AS22759/28 RC AS22759/11 WJ AS22759/86
JC AS22759/29 RE AS22759/12 WK AS22759/87
JD AS22759/30 SA AS22759/7 WL AS22759/88
JE AS22759/31 SB AS22759/32 WM AS22759/89
JF M25038/3/TD> SC AS22759/33 WN AS22759/90
LE AS22759/9 SD AS22759/34 WP AS22759/91
LH AS22759/10 SE AS22759/35 WR AS22759/92




Table 2: M27500 Cable's Shield Description




Single Shield
Double Shield
Shield Material
Max. Temperature
for Shield
U N/A Not Shielded N/A
T V Tinned Copper, Round 150°C
S W Silver-Coated Copper, Round 200°C
N Y Nickel-Coated Copper, Round 260°C
F Z Stainless Steel, Round 400°C
C R Nickel-Clad Copper, Round 400°C
M K Silver-Coated High Strength Copper Alloy, Round 200°C
$ + Heavy Silver-Coated Copper, Round 200°C
P L Nickel-Coated High Strength Copper Alloy, Flat 260°C
G A Silver-Coated Copper, Flat 200°C
H B Silver-Coated High Strength Copper Alloy, Flat 260°C
* # Nickel-Coated Copper, Flat 260°C
J D Tinned Copper, Flat 150°C
E X Nickel-Coated High Strength Copper Alloy, Flat 260°C
I Q Nickel-Chromium Alloy, Flat 400°C




Table 3: M27500 Cable Jacket Type




Single Jacket
Double Jacket
Jacket Material
Max. Temperature
for Jacket
00 00 No Jacket N/A
01 51 Extruded PVC, White 90°C
02 52 Extruded Nylon, Clear 105°C
03 53 White Nylon Braid over Mylar 105°C
04 54 Polyester Braid over Mylar 150°C
05 55 Extruded FEP, Clear 200°C
06 56