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MIL-C-915/48 (2SWF)

MIL-C-915/48 Hydrophone Cable (2SWF)
MIL Spec Wire
Shipboard Cable Type 2SWF

MIL-C-915/48 Hydrophone Cable (2SWF) Approvals:

  • 300 Volts
  • Mil-DTL-915E

MIL-C-915/48 Hydrophone Cable (2SWF) Construction:

  • Conductor: Stranded tin-coated copper
  • Insulation: Polyethylene
  • Paired cable
  • Filler: Suitable material
  • Braid: Copper shielding
  • Shield: Polyester tape
  • Jacket: Arctic type polychloroprene (black)

MIL-C-915/48 Hydrophone Cable (2SWF) Description:

  • Shielded pairs
  • Unamored with surface marking
  • Watertight cable
  • MIL-C-915E
  • Flexing cable
  • Service: 300 Volts

MIL-C-915/48 Hydrophone Cable (2SWF) Applications:

M915/48 cable is meant for use only in outboard shipboard applications. It should not be used in any inboard applications, as specified by the Mil-C-915/48D (2SWF) specification.

Part Number No. of PairsAWG SizeApprox LBS/MFTMax O.D. (in)
2SWF-3 3 22 0.00 0.625
2SWF-4 4 22 0.00 0.625
2SWF-7 7 22 0.00 0.815
2SWF-24 24 22 0.00 1.250