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MIL-W-81044/7 | SAE AS81044/7

Part Number Conductor StrandingAWG SizeApprox LBS/MFT
M81044/7-26 19/38 26 0.00
M81044/7-24 19/36 24 0.00
M81044/7-22 19/34 22 0.00
M81044/7-20 19/32 20 0.00

MIL-W-81044/7 Wire (M81044/7 Wire)
SAE AS81044
Lead Wire

M81044/7 Wire Construction

  • Conductor: Silver Coated High Strength Copper Alloy
  • Insulation: Extruded XL Polyalkene
  • Jacket: Extruded XL Polyvinylidene Fluoride (XL-PVDF)

M81044/7 Wire Ratings:

  • Temperature: 150°C
  • Voltage: 600 Volts