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Cable rg223

RG223 Cable

Buy RG223 cable Online


What is the RG 223?

RG 223 Coaxial Cable is a 50 Ohm cable used in applications for GPS, LAN/WAN or anywhere transmission of data signals is needed. With a temperature rating of 75C, this RG-223 cable offers better shielding and lower signal loss than RG58 and RG174. See below links to learn more about RG-223 Coax Cable:

RG223 Specs and Construction:

  • Conductor:
    • Conductor Stranding: Solid
    • Number of Strands: 1
    • Strand Size: 19
    • Conductor Material: Silver Covered Copper
    • Conductor Diameter: 0.035 in.
  • Insulation:
    • Insulation Diameter: 0.116 in
    • Diaelectric Core: Solid Low Density Polyethylene (PE)
    • Insulation Wall Thickness:0.041 in.
  • Shield:
    • Outer Conductor: 2 Silver-Covered Copper Braided Conductors
    • 1st Shielding: 95% Silver Plated Copper Braid
    • OD: 0.138 in.
    • 2nd Shielding: 95% Silver Plated Copper Braid
    • OD: 0.160 in.
  • Jacket:
    • Jacket: PVC (Non-Contaminating) Type IIA per MIL-C-17
    • Jacket Color: Black
    • LBS/MFT: 40


RG223 Cable Electrical Specifications and Engineering Information:

Minimum temperature -40°C
Maximum temperature 90°C
Max Operating Voltage 1,900 Volts
Impedance 50 Ohm
Capacitance 32.2 (pF/ft)
Velocity of Propagation 66%
Attenuation (Max. db/100ft): 50 MHz


400 MHz 12.0
1000 MHz 21.0
5000 MHz 55.0
12400 MHz 92.0
SRL (Min: db): 0.5 GHz 25.0
2.0 GHz 21.5
5.0 GHz 21.0
12.4 GHz 19.0
Flame Rating L-1581 VW-1 Vertical Flame Test

M17/84-RG223 vs. Commercial RG223:

The United States Military uses M17/84-RG223 as an alternative to the commercial grade rg223 for applications such as Tactical Field Antenna Feeders and Wireless Base Station Interconnections. The military benefits by using this part number because all mechanical and electrical requirements are clearly defined, adhesion requirements are strict and this cable is listed as QPL, so only qualified manufacturers can produce coax cables standard for the military. M17/84-RG223 features a M17/194-0001 LS/LT jacket, as opposed to the regular PVC jacket used for its commercial counterpart, and the military version is also used for high signal transmission.

RG223 Coaxial Cable Video:

RG223 Cable Applications:

RG223 coaxial cable is commonly found in interconnects, phasing harnesses, cable sets, test cables, radio systems, data transmission, broadcast, and computer applications. RG223 cable can be used in CATV-community antenna television, CCTV-closed-circuit television and DBS-direct broadcasting satellite. It is also appropriate for LAN/WAN or GPS applications which require low signal loss and high shielding performance. RG 223 cable is rated for direct burial applications.

PDF of RG-223 Cable Specs   Download RG223 Datasheet PDF

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Part Number Conductor StrandingNom. Dia. of Cond.Dielectric (in)Nom. O.D. (in)Nom. Imp.Approx LBS/MFTNom. Cap. (pF/ft)
RG223 Solid 0.035 0.116 0.2120 50 40.00 32.2