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Polyolefin Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing (M23053/4, M23053/15)

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing products meeting M23053 mil spec standards are supplied by Allied Wire & Cable to many industries. These Polyolefin adhesive shrink tubing products are MIL Spec approved, meeting the requirements of M23053/4 adhesive shrink tubing and M23053/15 adhesive lined heat shrink. They are available in different sizes and in Class 1, 2, and 3 constructions.

Adhesive heat shrink tubing is acceptable for military, government, or civilian use and can be a handy tool for many applications, including adding mechanical protection, a means of identification, or just as a material used to patch areas during maintenance and repairs.

Produced at a larger-than-needed size, M23053 adhesive lined heat shrink are heat-shrunk to a tight fit. Once shrunk, the adhesive shrink tubing is a perfect and aesthetically-pleasing fit for its components. Polyolefin Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink is designed to encapsulate and protect other cables and cable bundles.

Like all Heat Shrink Tubing, M23053/4 adhesive shrink tubing and M23053/15 adhesive shrink tubing protect electrical wires from external forces, including heat, abrasion, and chemicals. Polyolefin adhesive lined shrink tubing products offer excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, corrosion, and abrasion. The adhesive lined shrink tubing is very flexible and, unlike electrical tape, adhesive shrink tubing will not come off with age or use.

Our supply of Adhesive Lined Shrink Tubing (M23053/4 and M23053/15) is lined with a thin layer of special thermoplastic adhesive for exceptional moisture protection and strain relief. The adhesive lined heat shrink, when cooled, provides a flexible and waterproof barrier.

Have questions about our adhesive lined shrink tubing or other adhesive heat shrink tubing products? Check out our Heat Shrink FAQ or watch our Heat Shrink Tubing How-To Video for tips on choosing and installing your adhesive lined shrink tubing.