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Flexible Specialty Cables

Allied Wire and Cable’s Flexible Specialty Cables include Marine Engine Cable, Reeling Cable and Oil Resistant Control Cable. These flexible specialty cables possess superior flexibility for their applications. For example, our medium stress reeling cable is used in a wide range of cable reels, hoists and farm vehicles, so it is made to be flexed up to 12 times its diameter, whereas marine engine cable can be flexed up to 7.5 times its diameter as it is used in tight spaces.

Marine Engine Cable, part of Allied Wire and Cable's line of flexible specialty cables, is specifically manufactured to handle the extreme environments that marine engines must contend with. It has temperature and moisture resistance as well as superior flexibility. Due to its overall copper screen, marine engine cable should be used where protection against interference is needed.

Allied carries Reeling Cable for three different levels of stress: low, medium and high stress. All three flexible specialty cables possess exceptional flexibility. Low Stress Reeling Cable is perfect for stage and theater use in spring cable reels whereas High Stress Reeling Cable can handle the punishment of use in movable motors and farm equipment.