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M17/2-RG6 to M17/77-RG216

M17 Coaxial Cable is the military standard for coaxial cable. Each M17 coaxial cable is designed to maximize performance in difficult situations that those in the military might encounter. There are several different variations to the design of M17 coaxial cable, mostly in the form of the conductor. Depending on the specific type of M17 coaxial cable, the conductor could be made of bare copper, tin or silver-coated copper, copper clad steel, annealed copper clad-steel, silver-coated copper-clad steel, annealed copper-clad aluminum, copper-beryllium alloy or annealed copper beryllium.

The differences between different versions of M17 coaxial cable can also be very small. The M17/52 version of M17 Coaxial Cable has a bare copper conductor, whereas the M17/65 and M17/75 versions of M17 coaxial cable have silver-coated copper conductors. Furthermore, M17/52 and M17/65 coaxial cable have solid PTFE dielectrics, whereas M17/75 coaxial cable has a solid, low density polyethylene dielectric. These small differences make checking all the details of your application very important, so you can be sure you get the right M17 coaxial cable.