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MIL-C-17 Coaxial Cable

M-C-17 Coaxial cable is part of Allied Wire's extensive collection of Mil-Spec Wire and Cable. All Mil-C-17 cables are designed and constructed according to the military’s Mil-C-17 specifications. The different slants of Mil-C-17 cable can differ by conductor, dielectric, OD, maximum voltage or impedance, among other things.

Many of the Mil-C-17 cables are supplied by manufacturers on a Q.P.L. (Qualified Products List). If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact an Allied sales representative.

Some of the Mil-C-17 numbers have corresponding RG numbers, which date back to the old military standard for coaxial cable. These RG numbers are now used for commercial industry applications and are not standardized, but remain close to the new Mil-C-17 standards.

For example, Mil-C-17/2 replaces RG6 Coaxial Cable. Much of the construction of both is the same, however the operating temperature of Mil-C-17/2 is much higher at 185°C over 80°C and its working voltage is higher at 3000V versus 2700V.