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Non-Plenum Alarm Cable (NEC Type FPL)

Non-Plenum Alarm Cable (NEC Type FPL)

Non-Plenum Alarm Cable Sample: FPL-14-2C-S

NEC Type FPL Non-Plenum Alarm Cable is stocked by Allied Wire and Cable. These cables are power limited general purpose cables with superior physical and electrical properties.

Type FPL cables are available as both shielded fire alarm cable and unshielded fire alarm cable.

Review individual product specifications by clicking on the links below.

Non-Plenum Fire Alarm Cable is offered in a variety of AWG sizes and conductor constructions, ensuring your every need is met. Unshielded and Shielded Fire Alarm Cable pass the UL 70,000 BTU Vertical Tray Flame Test and are California State Fire Marshall approved. They feature solid bare copper, fully annealed conductors and premium grade, color-coded polypropylene insulation. These products are jacketed in red PVC rated for temperatures between 0°C and +60°C. Non-Plenum Alarm Cable is suggested for up to 300 volts. Shielded Non-Plenum Fire Alarm Cable has a 100% aluminum/polyester foil shield with 25% minimum overlap.

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