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Riser Alarm Cable (NEC Type FPLR)

Riser Alarm Cable (NEC Type FPLR)

Riser Alarm Cable Sample: FPLR-14-2

NEC FPLR Riser Alarm Cable is offered by Allied Wire as both Shielded Fire Alarm Cable and Unshielded Fire Alarm Cable. Our Unshielded and Shielded FPLR Alarm Cable have proven themselves to be excellent alarm cabling.

What does FPLR Cable mean?

Fire alarm cable is often abbreviated as FPLR cable which stands for Fire Power Limited Riser. This designation means a particular fire alarm cable or wire is rated for use in-between floors and non-plenum areas.

All of our FPLR cable is rated by the National Electrical Standard or NEC. This designation should give you peace of mind when installing electrical wiring and equipment since it has been tested and designated for a particular system.

FPLR Cable Ratings & Approvals

Riser Alarm Cable is designed to pass UL 1666 Flame Test and is California State Fire Marshall approved. Shielded and Unshielded Fire Alarm Cable feature bare copper, fully annealed conductors and premium-grade, color-coded S-R PVC insulation. They are jacketed with red, premium-grade PVC suited for temperatures between 20°C and +75°C. Allied Wire offers Riser Alarm Cable with a ripcord for fast, easy jacket stripping and sequential footage markings to facilitate installation. Riser Alarm Cable is suggested for up to 300 volts.

Allied Wire & Cable offers Comtran's VITALink® 2 Hour Circuit Integrity Cable with a riser rating (NEC Type FPLR). Comtran was the first company to re-certify their line of VITALink CI Cable for the 2-hour burn rating. In order to meet new requirements, Comtran redesigned their VITALink 2 Hour Fire Rated Cable with a patented inner coating. This inner coating hardens at high temperatures, preventing damage to the signal. VITALink FPLR CI Cable has undergone extensive testing at the UL headquarters, and has passed seven two-hour burn tests at 1850°F. VITALink 2 Hour Fire Rated Cable is built with solid bare copper conductors specially designed to minimize embrittlement due to fire exposure. These cables feature both LSZH insulation and jacketing rated to 90°C, and are protected by an overall shield constructed of copper/polyester tape. Comtran's VITALink 2 Hour Fire Rated CI Cable is suitable for life and fire safety use and can be installed in a large variety of emergency communications and fire alarm systems.

For full product specifications, please visit our FPLR Alarm Cable product pages listed below.

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